CT Certified Program


Making the Home Buying Process as EASY as 1… 2… 3…

1. Select Your Home

Browse through CT Homes Certified renovated properties. Look for the logo CT Homes Certified Logo Some houses will not be certified

2. Select Your Services

Save time and money by using one or ALL of the certification points

3. Select Your Closing Date

Proceed through the buying process faster and enjoy your home sooner


Our CT Certified Properties make closing EASIER

• Virtual Home Tours gives you a feel for the property’s layout that you can’t get from photos. It saves you time in the process and makes sure the house is a good fit before going to walk it in person!

• Upfront Home Inspection Reports give a clear understanding of the physical condition of the property; meaning no surprises and no last minute changes because of condition concerns.

• Upfront Appraisal Reports support the property’s value and saves precious time in the transaction, putting the lender in a position to close sooner rather than later.

• 3 Year Home Warranties offer long term protection and peace of mind.

• Professional Cleanings before Closing provide a fresh start upon move-in and the confidence of knowing your new home is safe for you and your loved ones.


Get notified when we have a CT Certified Property available in your Western Washington neighborhood!


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